Town Office will be closed to the public starting 12/22: The Howland Town Office will be closed to the public starting on Dec 22, 2020. This is due to the recent increase in the Covid19 cases in some of the surrounding communities. We will be utilizing the temporary drop box for transactions that require signatures or forms to be filled out such as motor vehicle registrations. We also can process many of our transactions over the phone, tax payments, water and sewer bills can all be completed by telephone with a major credit card.


Town office to reopen 6/1/20

The town office will reopen on 6/1 to the public with a couple rules we will need to follow.

  1. The clerks glass partitions will remain closed (only open to pass through paperwork
  2. High touch surfaces such as door handles and counters will be disinfected once per hour
  3. Only two people will be allowed in the lobby area at anytime
  4. People waiting outside will need to follow social distancing guidelines

People with health concerns can utilize our drop of box or have your transaction completed over the phone