Broadband Test: The Towns of Howland, Enfield and Lincoln are currently working together researching grants that are available to improve high speed internet service throughout the three communities. But we need your HELP! We need residents who have this service to login and do a test to see what their current internet speed is at their residence or business. Please log in to  We need as many people as possible to test their internet service speed. The more people we have that do not have access to high-speed internet improves our scoring to qualify for federal and state monies through grants for improving the service in this area. The test only takes a couple of minutes and automatically logs your speed into a data base that will be used to determine where federal and state monies could be used to improve broadband here in the state of Maine.  


Visit Howland and enjoy the Zerbini Family Circus August 10 at 6PM

Visit Howland and enjoy the Zerbini Family Circus on August 10 at 6PM. The circus will only be here on August 10th for one show only. Come out and enjoy a real circus under the big top that will entertain people of all ages. The circus will be located beside the ballfield across from 10 Bridge Street. Tickets are available at the door.