Fire & EMS

Howland Fire & EMS Department

Emergencies Dial 911

Non Emergency 207-732-7195

Our department is located in Howland, Maine. We cover an area of over 3,300 residence. Founded over 60 years ago, our department has largely consisted of passionate volunteers. Over the past three years we've grown from a volunteer department to a fully staffed Fire/EMS Paramedic service to not only Howland but neighboring communities and statewide service. Just this past year we added a full-time Chief, Joshua McNally who is also a Paramedic and three additional full-time Paramedics. Our staff are dedicated individuals who, despite the risks of the profession, provide our community with important fire protection and safety services 24/7.

Our EMS service not only provides critical care/transport services to the residents of Howland and surrounding communities but we also provide ambulatory transport services throughout the State. We currently operate a fleet of five ambulances to serve the needs of the rural communities in Maine.

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Howland Fire/EMS Volunteer Their Time for the King's Bridge Ceremony August 27th
Howland Fire/EMS Photos

These photos show the Fire/EMS in action or in training. The Fire/EMS have a very tough training regiment so they are ready to assist when we need them.

During the Covid19 pandemic the Howland Fire/EMS participated in outdoor Bingo with residents at a local long term care facility.
  • Howland Fire/EMS staff participating in outdoor bingo.